Privacy and Ecology

This website respects your privacy

To respect and protect your privacy, this website

  • doesn’t use any cookie,
  • doesn’t use any JavaScript or related technologies,
  • doesn’t connect to any social network,
  • doesn’t auto connect to any third party,
  • doesn’t know who you are,
  • doesn’t track you,
  • uses HTTPS to protect the traffic with your browser,
  • complies to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This website is eco-friendly

This website prevents as much as possible energy waste.

  • It doesn’t use any dynamic content.
  • It doesn’t use any database.
  • It doesn’t require your browser to do complex page renderings.
  • It doesn’t use any server-side functionality other than answering to your browser’s request and sending back a web page.
  • Your browser only needs to download the HTML content and apply a CSS.


In my view, this is how companies should respect the privacy of their customers and help prevent energy waste with unnecessary gadgets, while still maintaining usability and promoting quality content. In this regard, this website is a kind of experiment: technology used purposefully with respect to ethical values. Could this be a direction toward a new modern web, respectful and zen, disconnected and useful, inviting but not invasive ?

Nothing is perfect and anyone is free to have its own opinion. I’ll be very interested to hear about your point of view!

Let’s talk!

Updated 01.04.2020